Halle Numérique Platform

The platform is housed in the Innovation Center of the University of Technology at Compiègne

Research platform for the laboratory COSTECH EA 2223


The Halle Numérique platform is:

  • a space where experiments are conducted
  • a living lab, where different "users" can take advantage of the platform
  • a place for engineering students to learn about collaborative work
  • a place of transfer towards society: supporting the creation of start-ups and the establishment of contracts with manufacturers for research projects or expertise.
This space allows for the production of new knowledge, to invent new uses for digital and deploy an innovative way of teaching.

This platform is made of six digital spaces, each composed of a large tactile table and board. Each surface, both horizontal and vertical, allows for the simultaneous interaction of several people. In addition to these surfaces, other equipment can be used as well. (Smartphones, tablets, earpieces, etc.)

The Halle Numérique Platform is the result of a project supported by the Sorbonne University with the ambition to deploy an innovative way of teaching through projects, relying on the establishment of a digital space based on previous research projects.

Thierry Gidel
Chief Scientist